On-Line Quiz:

A. At what stage is your company or organization?

Considering Sale of the Business
If you are considering the sale of your business have a valuation of your business prepared and keep in mind that it is generally best to sell a business when it has a solid track record of growing sales and profits.
Considering purchase of a business
A successful acquisition begins with the analysis of your company to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses followed by profiling of the ideal acquisition candidate. There are many other steps that will follow once a decision is made to move forward with an acquisition.
Have an exciting new product or technology but lack the resources to develop and market.
Begin with an analysis of the market for that product/technology including customers, potential domestic and offshore competitors and market trends. Those findings will help you establish the business potential for the product and the demands that product/technology with place on your company.
Limited product offering has weakened position with channels of distribution.
Solution would appear to be the addition of new products developed internally or by acquiring a manufacturer of complimentary products. Evaluate whether you have the human and capital resources required to develop and introduce new products and/or to acquire another company. Should you also consider selling you company to a competitor?

B. Do you recognize any of these symptoms in your company or organization?

Sales/Profits Down or stagnant.
Update Marketing plan and strategic objectives to determine, for example, whether you are serving declining markets? Is your product/service offering complete, competitive and competitively priced? Evaluate the resources required to enhance your product offering and/or to enter new markets.

Customer Base and market share declining.
Conduct a market analysis. Your products might be outmoded by new technology. Your pricing could be out of line. Your product offering might be too limited. Customers might be unhappy with the product quality and customer service of your company. Take action based on your findings.
Products and proprietary technology losing competitive edge.
In order to implement corrective steps you need to know the future for your products and technology. Evaluate the current and future products and technology demanded by your market’s. Once that is establish determine if you have the human and capital resources to expend and enhance your product line and embedded technology through internal product development or acquisition of a company with complimentary products/services required to fill the voids you have identified.
Quality, on-time delivery, or customer service problems persist.
An evaluation of internal operations is in order. Are Sales and/or Customer Service promising customers unreasonable delivery to land the order? Other issues might be the problem: Bills of Material are not current; manufacturing might be under-staffed, and poor communication between departments might be the problem. In short, would make sense to retain an independent consultant to conduct an evaluation of your internal operations. Present those findings to your team and have them work with the consultant to develop and implement corrective measures.
High employee turnover, unproductive meetings, and many internal disputes.
It would appear to be a morale problem. Causes may include below-market salary and benefits; employee concern about viability of employer; organization issues resulting from poorly defined job descriptions and responsibilities. It would be advisable to bring in an outside consultant to conduct and evaluation and to suggest corrective steps and policies.

Please answer at least one question.

The limited suggestions and actions provided above are normally an integral part of an action plan developed following a thorough review of a client’s situation. We would gladly review with you how relevant the above answers are to your Company.

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