Case Studies

Private Sector Clients

The owners of a Southeastern US factoring Company sought the help of The Herndom Group (THG) to identify potential buyers for their Company and to assist with the sale. The Company was sold to a US insurance company.

Getting business doneThe owner of a mid-western US distributor of protective and safety products retained THG to develop the domestic manufacturing portion of its business. THG has helped the client acquire two Companies and now realizes sales in excess of $60 million.

A Southeastern design/engineering group that developed a unique proprietary spring technology retained THG to identify licensees.

A $600 million German manufacturer of proprietary telephony connectors and hardware, retained THG to identify and recruit the ideal US partner for a strategic alliance for its US division to accelerate development of a universal access system for video and telephony, including telephone, digital fiber, and broadband services. Potential partners were profiled, identified, and recruited.

An $80 US million manufacturer of consumer and industrial cleaning supplies was provided a plan to extend its product offering to maximize shelf space at mass merchandiser retail stores. The assignment included identification and evaluation of potential acquisition candidates.

The owner of a Southeastern US proprietary vapor deposition process sought assistance with developing a strategic plan to attract investment capital.

Big businessTHG, over a ten year period, provided a Cleveland‑based Company with leading-edge manufacturing technology its initial business plan to attract investment capital, and three succeeding 3-year strategic plans. The Company grew to $60 million in revenue prior to its sale to a Private Equity Group.

A Southeastern US developer of a proprietary catalytic converter technology retained THG to attract an investor with the financial and management resources required to build the Company.

A leading German partnership required assistance with the transfer of its manufacturing technology to US industry. Identified ideal candidate and assisted with joint venture negotiations between client and prospective joint‑venture partner.  Earlier, in a separate assignment Client was advised how best to introduce its fiber optics know‑how to the US fiber optics industry. Potential joint venture candidates were identified and qualified.

A major international manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany of electronic testing equipment retained THG to evaluate the feasibility of transferring that technology to the US. Client was provided suggestions on product refinements necessary to gain acceptance in the US market as well as a list of US prepared to undertake the formation of a US joint venture to introduce client’s know-how US market.

Public Sector Clients

In November 1991 The National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] retained THG to identify the manufacturing technology thrusts upon which NIST’s Automated Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) should focus to best serve the long-term needs of all US manufacturers ranging from the local machine shop to a major international manufacturer.

Circuit BoardTHG prepared two prior studies for the National Bureau of Standards, NIST’s predecessor. The first evaluated and discussed computer integrated manufacturing and its potential benefits to the US economy and projected the benefits of the Bureau’s Automated Manufacturing Research Facility.  The second updated that study to reflect the evolution of the AMRF from machine and hardware‑related technology to software, firmware, cell control, data base management, etc.

Cyprus’s Ministry of Industry retained THG to determine how to increase the added value of its main export, umber.

The French Ministry of Industry engaged THG to evaluate the then-emerging manufacturing technology flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). That study provided the Ministry an introduction to FMS, discussed its application and misapplication, and profiled US FMS manufacturers who expressed interest in becoming joint‑venture partners to transfer FMS technology to French partners.

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